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March 3rd, 2009 § 1 comment

I’m sure all of you know what the rubik’s cube is, if you don’t… I mean, really? man what was you thinking until now? Well If you REALLY don’t know it then you should at least google for it. Wikipedia will work as well.

rubik's cube

I always thought it was a logic puzzle, and after some unsuccessful tries I decided to cheat, googled for “rubik’s cube solution” and I found out a beautiful site, which explains everything you need to solve the cube in a very simple and fast way, it is of course the Lars Petrus method.

Once learnt a solution method there is no more “logic” in it. Where is the fun part? What’s the challenge?
I was terribly wrong. It is not a logic-puzzle, it is a memory-puzzle, and a hand-dexterity-puzzle.

You need to remember the moves of your solving methods, they are almost always the same (in the petrus method there are 4 basic moves), but the most challenging part is how fast can you solve the cube?

Hey “how-fast” sounds damn challenging, how can you measure that? You’ll need a stopwatch. If you are at least half geeky as I am you’d be already on google at the moment and starting to type something like “online stopwatch” or “online timer”.

There are tons of them, but all have a very annoying interface that make you use the mouse. Given that you are a very good speedcuber you don’t want to loose 0.3s to start to solve and an other 0.3s to stop the timer, do you?

Well I wouldn’t care as I need 1’30”+ to solve the cube, but I found fun to code a stopwatch designed to work with Miss Spacebar instead of your loveable mice.

nigma timer

the simple nigma timer is written in simple html/css/js and as a very simple interface, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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